Every team on the track is looking for a competitive edge, especially one offering a new driving experience. Think about it. With the right information, a good crew chief, an excellent driver, and a cohesive team, improving on-track race performance can be easy, but the car itself is a large part of that equation. Whether it’s tire pressure or aerodynamics, every element is integral. Engine performance, specifically, is one of the critical pieces of information a race team needs on race day.

Many teams struggle to gather that information while the car is on the track, waiting until they can download the data at the end of the session. That’s not so bad on a practice day when you stop lap after lap to tweak and assess, but when you’re trying to out-drive the competition on race day, that information is critical, and you need your data in real-time when split second decision matter.

Enter RaceVoice, real-time voice synthesized engine alerts, a simple yet effective way to let your car join the conversation over the race comms. Instead of waiting to download the race diagnostics after all is said and done, RaceVoice reads out selected data in real-time, allowing the entire team to monitor over sixteen different engine diagnostics when they matter most: inreal-time audio engine diagnositcs the moment.

With RaceVoice, you aren’t driving blind anymore. Your eyes can stay on the track and the competition while the car itself relays everything you need to know about your engine performance and gauges. It’s as simple as plugging in a box and selecting which information matters most to your team.

You can choose from UpShift, DownShift, Over-Rev Alert, Low-Oil Pressure, High Engine Temperature, Low Voltage, Wheel/Tire Lock-up, Brake Pressure “Tone” Feedback, and more. The perks don’t end there, either. Your cornering speeds, lap times, and G-force are also part of the diagnostic readout, so it feels like the crew chief is riding along for the race. No one is left to guess or relay stats for the car

With RaceVoice in your ear and real-time diagnostics on your side, race day has never been more exciting. Get the competitive edge that everyone is looking for and help your team land first place on the track. With every corner, entry and exit, you’ll feel like you’re driving a whole new car. Contact RaceVoice today to learn more about our real-time voice synthesized engine alerts technology!