If you and your racing team spend hours each week putting your heads together to discuss ways to get a race performance advantage over the competition, you’re probably tired of the same suggestions that never seem to make a difference. The car is aerodynamic, your race diagnostics are thorough, your driver is well versed on the track’s quirks, and your pit crew knows what they’re doing, but the competition still seems to hold that final edge. If this sounds familiar, you’re missing a key component. When was the last time you took a hard look at your race communications?

Many race teams overlook their communications because they’re unaware of the alternatives now available on the market. Take RaceVoice, for example. RaceVoice is simple yet cutting edge, allowing the race car to speak for itself as part of the team. It offers real-time engine diagnostics verbally through your headset, so the driver, the pit crew, and the crew chief become a single knowledgeable unit. It’s one of the best advantages you can have over the competition.

On the track, every second counts. A cohesive unit that isn’t wasting time relaying information will be the team that crosses the finish line first. Think about it for a moment. How much time does your driver waste staring at the dash rather than the track when they could be assessing the track and keeping an eye on the competition? How often does your crew chief have to record stats during the race to search for an advantage? How many seconds are lost when the car rolls into the pit, and there’s a scramble to get everyone on the same page? real-time audio engine diagnositcs

Imagine how seamless it would be if technology like RaceVoice could give everyone the race diagnostics in real-time. We’re talking a live peek into engine performance, cornering speeds, voltage, pressure, temperature, rolling MPH, and more. It’s time to bring your car into the conversation. This is the advantage you’ve been waiting on, and it comes with a single-step plug-in. It doesn’t get simpler than that. It’s also fully customizable, allowing you to select the information you need to reach your peak performance. Once the race is finished, you won’t have to wait to analyze the diagnostics. They’ll already be uploaded to an app, complete with a track map. If you don’t cross that finish line first, you’ll be able to see exactly where everything went wrong, even if it was only a split second lost on the third lap.

The next time you’re sharing ideas with your team, mention RaceVoice. With 60 preloaded tracks and the ability to customize for each race, it’s the advantage you’ve been searching for this whole time.