Crew chiefs are integral parts of a race team. A lot of people believe they simply run the garage, but they do so much more. They make sure the cars are ready, yes, but they also orchestrate the pit stops, evaluate race diagnostics, and keep everyone focused on race day. Still, while the driver is on the track, their hands are tied. They can plan, evaluate, and make snap decisions in the pit, but the driver is in control.

With RaceVoice performance driving devices, your crew chief is riding along with you, receiving real-time engine diagnostics. Since it’s their responsibility to check track times, fuel mileage, cornering, engine performance, and the overall status of the car, their job is crucial and often the difference between landing that qualifying time or being left in the dust. RaceVoice covers these stats and reads them out to the driver and the rest of the pit crew in real-time, allowing the crew chief to focus where they matter most during the race, at the pit stop. Instead of tracking stats and evaluating a plan during the pit stop, they know exactly how the car and driver are performing with real-time diagnostics and can prepare for every eventuality before the car comes rolling on track voice activated engine diagnosticsin. 

Even better, the driver doesn’t have to spend time relaying what’s on the dashboard to the crew chief. RaceVoice handles the race communications between the car itself and the team. It’s fully customizable, with 16 evaluations and diagnostics running nonstop, such as engine temperature, voltage, wheel/tire lockup, corner entry speed, corner exit speed, split timing, rolling lateral g-force, and more. The crew chief will still be in the pit comparing the information, but he’ll have a leg up and know everything he needs to, no educated guess needed, as if he’s sitting right there in the passenger seat experiencing the race and car performance firsthand. This is the evolution of racing, and it’s the advantage your team needs for the best race performance. 

Think of it like the cornerstone of a racing team. With superior technology and real-time audio engine diagnostics, it leaves little room for human error. The driver can focus solely on the track, the crew chief can focus solely on the driver and the stats, and the rest of the team gets a heads up on their next move. Let the car speak for itself while your crew chief rides along. Get RaceVoice today!