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RaceVoice Pro and RaceVoice Lite Options

See how RaceVoice Pro and RaceVoice Lite compare and pick the one that fits you best

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Speech Announcements and Features RaceVoice Lite RaceVoice Pro
Minimum Speed Yes Yes
Rolling MPH Yes Yes
Lateral-G Force Yes Yes
UpShift Yes Yes
+/- Lap Time * Yes Yes
Low Oil Pressure Yes Yes
High Engine Temperature Yes Yes
Adjustable CANBus baud rate * Yes Yes
Adjustable Speech Tone Yes Yes
Share with other CANBus devices Yes Yes
Works with IMSA Radio Wiring Yes Yes
Works with NASCAR Radio Wiring Yes Yes
Works with Earbuds Yes Yes
Turn-In Speed No Yes
Exit Speed No Yes
DownShift No Yes
OverRev No Yes
Wheel Lockup Detection  * No Yes
Brake Threshold Tone Feedback No Yes
Low Voltage No Yes
Import your own new tracks No Yes
Edit/Clone existing tracks No Yes
Max Lateral-G No Yes
Max Linear-G No Yes
Best Lap Announcement * No Yes
Custom triggered Speech notifications * No Yes

RaceVoice Lite packages start at $299

RaceVoice Pro packages start at $599

Any RaceVoice Lite unit can be software updated to provide all features of the RaceVoice Pro with a $399 software update option

Note:Alerts/Messages with an asterisk designation are not available when configured as a RaceVoice-SC kit

Note: RaceVoice provides compatibility with VBOX’s HD2 Motorola 500Kb/s output format. In this mode, engine alerts for oil, voltage, temperature, and RPM are not available. These outputs are not provided on the VBOX data format. RaceVoice requires the use the VBOX Canbus Gateway or the RaceVoice DataBridge for use with the VBOX products.