Have you been working on improving your race performance? Have you run all the race diagnostics, kitted your car to perfection, and still can’t get that optimal time? It’s possible that splitting your attention between focusing on the track and relaying information to the crew is holding you and your team back. Yes, that’s how it’s been done for decades, but what if there was a better way? As a driver, it’s your responsibility to relay the information on the dash to your crew and warn them when the lights or gauges signify an issue. What if you could focus solely on your driving strategy and not worry about your dashboard indicators at all? 

With all the technology today, you’d think there would be a way to get real-time engine diagnostics while keeping your attention solely on driver performance and your eyes on the crowded racetrack. Is there a solution? Yes, and it’s changing how teams analyze each race and perform overall. RaceVoice plugs into your system and provides real-time synthesized audio of sixteen criteria, from dashboard information to engine performance. It’s the evolution of race communication. You can select what you’d like to hear, and it will not only provide that information to you and your crew but will also download real-time data analytics into an app, making it easy to understand the diagnostics during and after the race. 

Even better, with RaceVoice, you’ll immediately know what works and what doesn’t mid-lap. You can test racetrack strategies with instant feedback, taking your practice laps to the next level. All you need to do is import the track map, plug RaceVoice in, and select the feedback you want to hear. You can choose between:



Over-Rev Alert

Low-Oil Pressure

High Engine Temperature

Low Voltage

Wheel/Tire Lock-up

Brake Pressure ‘Tone’ feedback

Corner Entry Speed

Corner Turn-In Speed

Corner Exit Speedon track real-time diagnostics

Rolling MPH Speed Announcement

Split Timing

“Best Lap” Announcement

Rolling Lateral G-Force

Max Lateral-G

Max Linear-G

At the end of each race, you’ll see the information displayed on the imported map, too.

While these features make RaceVoice worth every penny, the truth is that at such high speeds, it takes only a split second for things to go wrong. Eliminating the need to divide your attention between the dash and the other cars will not only increase your performance and reduce your lap speed but will also keep you safe. That makes RaceVoice invaluable. Ask anyone who has been racing for a long time, and they’ll tell you staying focused is the key to winning and getting you and your car through each race unscathed. Get RaceVoice real-time engine performance diagnostics and keep your focus where it counts, on the track.