Let’s be honest. Racing is all about the competition. You and your team want to be the fastest on the track with the best race performance on every lap. You’ve spent time and money making your race car as aerodynamic as possible. You’ve worked on the engine performance, you’ve run race diagnostics, you’ve chosen the best driver, and you’re pretty sure you’ve used top-of-the-line race communications the entire time. If you’re still not leading the pack and crossing that finish line first, you might be wondering what else you can do. 

At RaceVoice, we offer a competitive edge like none other. Your driver is wasting precious seconds watching the dash so he can relay the information that your team needs during a race. Your team is wasting minutes and hours interpreting race diagnostic readouts every time that finish line is crossed. Looking back, that supposed top-of-the-line communication you’re using isn’t exactly offering you an advantage, is it? Anyone on the track can talk to their team in real-time. A headset is only good for one thing, unless, of course, you’re using RaceVoice real-time engine diagnostics. Welcome to the future of race communications. 

It’s time to let your driver focus solely on the track and get your race car engine diagnostics in real-time, dispersed through audio to everyone listening in and sent to an easy-to-read app on your smartphone immediately. Imagine being able to communicate not only with your driver but the car as well. RaceVoice is a fast-paced real-time diagnostics guru, giving you the stats you want without your driver having to read them out or check the gauges. It’s fully customizable with 16 diagnostic options, easy to install, and comes preloaded with 60 tracks. Have a favorite that isn’t listed? It’s easy to add one. 

You’ll know exactly how well your driver is cornering as they’re doing it, not a second later. There is no more waiting around to upload your engine diagnostics onto a computer to see what might be holding you back. Technology is standing up and taking the reins, transforming the way of race communications and bringing it into a new era. It’s time to take full advantage because your competition is looking for a leg up just like you are, and they’re bound to find this one eventually. Don’t be left in the dust. Get RaceVoice and give your team the competitive edge on the track you’ve all been waiting for.