Frequently Asked Questions

What data acquisition systems are compatible with RaceVoice?

RaceVoice is compatible with any data-logging dashboard that provides an unused and accessible CANBus port. The dashboard software must also allow the ability to configure custom messages/canbus protocol to output values such as throttle position, rpm, latitude, longitude.

RaceVoice has been tested with Aim MXL2, MXG, MXP, MXS, Solo2DL, Aim Evo5, and MoTeC C12X series dataloggers.

What peripherals are needed to configure RaceVoice?

A laptop PC using Windows 8 or Windows 10, as well as cables and earbuds. A USB cable is included with the RaceVoice as well as the PC software application RaceVoice Studio.

What are the actual dimensions and weight of the RaceVoice box?

As racers, we know space and weight are at a premium inside a racecar. Therefore, we purposely designed RaceVoice to be small and light. It is 3 inches by 2.75 inches with a height of 1-1/8 inches. The device weighs less than 8 ounces. It is powered by +12v DC and uses less than 1/2 amp.

What if my track configuration is not available?

Email us at with the track information, and we will add the mapping.

How do I configure my racecar’s dashboard to use RaceVoice?

The user manual provides full details on how to download a CANBus profile for RaceVoice into your dashboard.  Profiles are available for download on this website. If your specific profile is not listed, email us at and we can build one for you.

Can I use my own earbuds?

Yes, you can use any audio cable with a 3.5mm stereo connection.

How does RaceVoice work with radio communications with my crew?

Using an optional Y-Cable, RaceVoice can be bridged into your existing wired in-car Radio. This will allow you to hear both your crew and announcements from RaceVoice.

How do I update the RaceVoice Studio software?

When new updates to the RaceVoice Studio software or new track maps are available, users will be notified when starting their existing RaceVoice Studio software on their PC.  Track map updates are automatically downloaded within RaceVoice Studio.  Updated software can be downloaded from this website.

How can RaceVoice do all this?

While small in size, RaceVoice is not small on power. It contains a high-performance 32-bit CPU with a multi-threaded OS and digital signal processing capabilities, along with a dedicated speech synthesis co-processor core. RaceVoice processes driver lap data every 10 milliseconds!