RaceVoice is the simple way to transform complicated performance data into easy-to-understand voice notifications and alerts.

Drivers hear real-time feedback, through earbuds or in the helmet, while still on track. Know immediately what works and what does not.


One-Step Connection

RaceVoice uses a single power + data cable to connect with the dashboard. Hear RaceVoice with any earbud or radio device with a standard 3.5mm stereo output connector.

AIM and MOTEC Compatible

motec aim
motec aim

RaceVoice works with any data-logging dashboard that provides an unused and accessible CANBus port.


Translate Data into REAL-TIME performance voice announcements!

DO NOT wait until the session is over and you are off the track to translate the squiggly lines. RaceVoice analyzes data every 10 milliseconds and provides immediate, REAL-TIME audible feedback on driver performance. Hear instantly whether changes improve speeds out of turns, splits, G-force and MORE.

RaceVoice Notifications

RaceVoice offers 11 different notifications.
These provide immediate feedback on driver and vehicle performance.

Engine Shift-Points
Up-shift and Down-shift
Over-Rev Shift Alert
Critical Engine Alerts:
Oil, Temperature, Voltage

Lateral G-Force
Linear G-Force
Minimum Speed
Speed Announcements
Split Timing

Easily Personalized

RaceVoice allows driver to set notifications and alerts based on individual needs and preferences.
With more than 30 tracks already available, RaceVoice is simple to personalize for favorite tracks as well as new ones.

Hear Critical Alerts Instantly

Instead of requiring drivers to look at gauges and lights for warning signs, RaceVoice monitors critical engine systems and instantly sends au audible alert as soon as one measures outside of set limits. Hear these warnings instantly without taking eyes off the track.

real-time alerts