The heart of every race team is the pit crew. They’re vital to ensuring the car stays on the track and running at peak performance. They have to work together like a well-oiled machine, and each person is responsible for certain aspects. In an average pit crew, you have tire changers, tire carriers, tire catchers, a jackman, a gasman, a catch can man, a window tear-off, a spotter, a crew chief, and a few other preparation-specific positions, like technologist and meteorologist. In some smaller crews, people can play multiple roles, which makes instant feedback on the car’s performance even more critical. The split seconds it takes the driver to process the car’s data and relay it back to the crew can mean the difference in the race RaceVoice real-time voice alerts interfaces with your engine to provide the team with the diagnostics directly, shaving precious time off laps during the race.

Many teams find that in addition to the expected tire changes and gas top-offs, issues come up that the pit crew needs to handle at a moment’s notice. The crew chief does their best to assess the car from afar, but they can only do so much without real-time engine diagnostics. Typically, the car hits the pit, and the crew has to waste precious seconds evaluating everything, possibly even popping the hoodon track real time audio engine diagnostics to find any faults or problems, even if the driver has relayed as much information as he can. 

Thankfully, RaceVoice eliminates this problem. Since the pit crew gets real-time engine diagnostics via race communications, they’re ready to go before the car even swerves into the pit. There are no surprises and last-second bombshells because, with RaceVoice, the car has become part of the conversation. 

How does this work? Both the driver and crew can hear the RaceVoice audio, which relays race diagnostics throughout the track. Everyone knows exactly what’s happening as soon as the chosen diagnostics are announced. They’re checked multiple times per second and include engine performance, tire assessment, fuel level, and other vital information the crew needs to know. Since the RaceVoice system is fully customizable, everyone gets the information they want or need without sifting through extra data. Even better, the information also comes up on an app in real-time, so no one needs to hurry and record the statistics. 

raceVoice also comes with an extensive database of pre-programmed tracks in the RaceVoice racetrack studio database so you can test out your engine diagnostics without even putting rubber on the track which saves time and money.

Isn’t it time to stop waiting on your engine diagnostics. RaceVoice real-time voice alerts provide the data you need as you need it! Improve your race performance now and help your team by giving them the information they need to succeed.