RaceVoice transforms dashboard data into on-track voice announcements for performance gains and critical alerts. Select from just one or combinations of performance and engine alerts that are important to you.

RaceVoice Alerts Include:

  • Engine RPM shift-points (up-shifting and down-shifting)
  • Over-rev shift alerts
  • Critical engine alerts (oil, temperature, voltage)
  • Linear and Lateral G-force reporting (rolling or peak measurements)
  • Minimum Speed, Entry Speed, Exit Speed, Turn-in Speed based on the segments you choose
  • Threshold MPH for straightaways
  • Brake Threshold “tone feedback” to know you are braking at the right pressure
  • Active wheel lockup detection to help set brake bias
  • +/- Lap Report timing, Best Lap Reporting

Professional race teams spends tens of thousands of dollars with multiple engineers and driving coaches to collect complex digital telemetry. Then they analyze it and relay it back to the driver. RaceVoice offers the same real-time processing.  RaceVoice provides real-time speech announcements directly into the driver’s ear, through a single, 8-ounce box.

Without taking your eyes off the track and traffic, RaceVoice provides real-time audible alerts designed to improve performance and minimize critical mechanical failures.

While small in size, RaceVoice is not small on power. It contains a high-performance 32-bit CPU with a multi-threaded OS and digital signal processing capabilities, along with a dedicated speech synthesis co-processor core.  RaceVoice processes driver lap data every 10 milliseconds and announces the notifications that you choose, its like having a driver coach right in your car.

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With RaceVoice, I can go on track and every lap, every corner, I get immediate feedback so I know what works and what to avoid. This makes my track time dollars significantly more valuable.

Steve Spano, Inventor of RaceVoice

Besides the incredible input I was getting from RaceVoice on corner exit speed, I heard “Low Oil Pressure” in the high speed/ high G corners. With no warning on my expensive dash board, RV was in my ear “Low Oil Pressure” so I came in. Checking my oil, it seemed to be at the correct level, but looking at my data, sure enough there was a HUGE drop in PSI in the corners. RV picked up the oil starvation in real time and alerted me, my data system did not. RaceVoice saved me thousands of dollars in potential engine damage and a lost race weekend. Thank you RV!”

Rob Reed - SCCA SRF GEN3

Using the RaceVoice minimum speed feature I received immediate feedback which I used to improve corner and track out speed within the same session without the distraction of looking at a display.

Dr. Bruce Meyers, SCCA Pro Licensed driver