When seconds count,
count on RaceVoice.

Get realtime voice alerts
and improve your race performance.

Why RaceVoice?

  • Has your time regressed and you don’t know why?
  • Do you feel like you are not achiving your full track driving potential?

RaceVoice is a performance driving device that provides real-time voice synthesized alerts designed to improve performance and minimize critical mechanical failures.

Select from one or combinations of performance
and engine alerts that are important to you

Available RaceVoice On Track Audio Announcements:

Engine RPM shift-points


Apex speed, Exit Speed,

Entry Speed based on the corners you choose

Over-rev shift alerts
Critical engine alerts

(oil, temperature, voltage)

Linear and Lateral G-force reporting (rolling or peak measurements)
Active wheel lockup

detection to help set brake bias

Brake Threshold

“tone feedback” to know you are braking at the right pressure

+/- Lap Report timing,

Best Lap Reporting

What Drivers Are Saying

“Every driver, in order to improve, needs highly targeted goals for every session. RaceVoice is able to supply the critical information in an easily assimilated way to make improvements, and more importantly, validate that improvement is being made. It does what no other device on the market does. Highly recommended! Interoperability with major data systems is terrific.”.

Peter Krause

“It was worth it:  Two Races, Two Poles, Two Wins.”

Robert Sachs